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Application & Data Modernisation

Unlock your competitive edge with a bespoke world-class solution.

It’s time to make it happen.

Playtime Solutions is a specialist engineering and professional technology services provider, dedicated to helping organisations to scale up and deliver their competitive-edge through world-class bespoke Cloud-Native solutions.

We enable rapid innovation and agility, by remodelling legacy to Cloud Native, and preserving existing assets.

As a trusted Australian technology partner, we are passionate about delivering on our promises, that’s why customers trust our squad of experts to just make it happen.

Application Modernisation

Take your application beyond the operational benefits and boundaries of a traditional application migration. Inject true agility, security, performance, reliability, and above all, the ability to innovate at scale and speed.

  • Monolithic to Microservices/Cloud-Native
  • Application Re-architecture & Re-build
  • DevOps & CI/CD
  • SaaS integration and business process automation based on cloud native integration services
  • New application build

Platform Modernisation

Arm your development team with a bespoke well-architected platform environment. Consolidate, standardise and optimise appropriate application building blocks to have confidence in every build.

  • Docker/Kubernetes platform and DevOps automation
  • Cloud integration, serverless application platforms and DevOp automation
  • Data warehouse and data pipelines platform and DevOps automation
  • DevOps and DevSecOps templates

Data Engineering/DataOps

Harness the wealth of information at your fingertips through Data Analytics, visualizations & insights. Capture data for benchmarking. Accelerate and improve data driven decision-making to capture market opportunities.

  • Enterprise-grade data modernisation
  • Cross platform data integration
  • DataOps & Automation
  • Reporting, Dashboards and Benchmarking

Kubernetes / Containers

Deploy cloud-native applications anywhere and manage them the way you want. Make applications portable, and quickly ramp application instances to meet spikes in demand. Innovate with agility and at scale.

  • Kubernetes managed containerized workloads and services across Azure, AWS or GCP for high scalability and multi-cloud enablement
  • Container-based services for portability, cost reduction and high performance
  • Reduce toil and improve day 2 operations with Kubernetes to enable predictable, repeatable, and faster development and deployments

Delivering Outcomes

We have a wealth of experience when it comes to designing, building and delivering bespoke application, platform, data and Cloud Native solutions. We’re all about delivering outcomes that give you a competitive edge within your industry. No two solutions are the same, but our best-practice approach is. We come prepared with the technical expertise, knowledge, proven technology framework, and enterprise-ready approach so that you’re not building from the ground up to get what you want.

Engaging Digital Experiences

Booking systems, self-service portals, Multi-device responsive web applications - Give your customers and users a platinum digital experience that you can't get from an off-the-shelf product. We'll work you to design, build and deliver the best experience that your customers and users will rave about.

Launch New Products & Services

You've got big plans to launch a new product or service. Now is the time to partner with a world-class technology expert to make it happen. We've re-architected, re-built and re-imagined hundreds of solutions, across various sectors: healthcare, transport, retail, government, finance and more. Trust us to turn your game changer into reality.

Intelligence & Data at your fingertips

Is your current system limiting you from gaining the intel that you need? We'll work with your teams to re-architect or re-imagine your current data management and reporting systems. Large volumes of data, complex architectures, real-time pressures, compliance and security requirements... don't scare us.

Cost & Resource Optimisation

Reduce the mundane, automate and optimise where you can. We'll work with you to identify and implement quick wins that will provide maximum business impact. Reduce overheads, streamline processes, and integrate systems to improve process efficiency.

Empower Innovation

Incubate ideas, fail fast, and foster creativity. Give your talented technical team the environment to innovate and rise to the occasion. Our industry expects and engineers will design and build the solution that will give you the competitive edge to be agile and innovative.

Security & Compliance

For every organisation, housing, maintaining and managing IP and data, is a big responsibility. That's why security and compliance best-practice is firmly integrated in every solution that we deliver. On top of this, we will work with your technical, risk and security teams to ensure that your solution puts you in the best position to meet regulatory compliance requirements, and reduce security risks.

Kubernetes Services

Our team of experienced Kubernetes and Cloud Native experts will transform your application to enable innovation and agility at scale.

We can either re-architect your existing application, or build a new application from best-practice foundations up.

  • Kubernetes Consulting
  • Application and Platform Modernisation
  • Kubernetes Engineering and Implementation
  • Kubernetes Security
  • Kubernetes Readiness and Maturity Assessment
  • DevOps & CI/CD Implementation with Containers (Kubernetes)

Our Approach

For every solution to have its competitive edge, we make a conscious effort to understand what’s beyond the technology functions and features. Our approach is purposeful, streamlined, and we never shy from a challenge. Our commitment to make it a success, not just in the short-term, but for the long-haul.


Analyse and understand the requirements, challenges and gaps. Workshop and gain specific insight from key stakeholders within your organisations.

Plan & Design

Industry experts and specialist engineers, guided a Playtime Squad, will plan and design the solution. We come prepared with the insight, experience, frameworks in place to ensure we deliver what we promise.


Our engineers will get to work re-architecting or re-building your solution to the preapproved plan and design. We will engage your team every step of the way to provide transparency and the chance to learn and share knowledge.

Review and Improve

Our commitment to success means our review and improve process is firmly baked into every solution that we deliver. Here we will also implement an ongoing support model so that we're never far away should your empowered team need help.

Uncover your Competitive Edge with Playtime

Business Process

Where possible, support commodity business processes with off-the-shelf SaaS based applications. This will then allow you to invest in what differentiates, enhances and grows your organisation. Commodity business processes are operational to your business.

Business Process

Most organisations are in this stage of their digital transformation journey.

Stage 1: Re-host
The organisation has re-hosted their core workloads into the Cloud through Lift-and-shift or a migration.

Stage 2: Re-factor
As part of the migration process or after, core workloads have been refactored within the constraints of the legacy or Cloud environment.

Competitive Edge

This is where you want to be.

You need to invest in what gives you the edge, in order to position your business ahead of the competition.

Modernising  of critical complex applications whether it be:

  • Platform,
  • Security,
  • Automated Monitoring,
  • Scale up or out
  • Day 2 operations

Frees you up to concentrate on innovation and solving strategic business challenges.

We Come Prepared.

Building new secure, fault tolerant and highly distributed software is becoming more and more complex. We all know that building these types of software systems is a non-trivial task.

You are never ‘starting from the beginning’ when you’re working with Playtime, every solution that we deliver is built from a solid baseline of knowledge, expertise, experience, and leverages cutting edge technology to drive the optimal customer outcome. We have best-practice frameworks and standardised development engines in place, for confidence and assurance in every build.

Experience Matters

In a market saturated with technology service providers, experience matters.

We have the wisdom of hard lessons learned and the knowledge of outstanding results. Experience has shown us that it’s not just about understanding the ‘what’, but understanding the ‘why’ – “Why are we taking this approach?” and “Why is this the best strategy?”

Understanding technology, business functions, and organisational change is difficult. IT and business inherently speak different languages, but through experience we can bridge the gap to ensure only success at the end of the day.

PlaytimeX - Application Framework

The PlayTimeX Application Framework is a comprehensive set of code libraries and design approaches that streamline any development process by supercharging the Microsoft .NET Core and Angular frameworks. It provides all of the support required to ensure you don’t get bogged down in the technical details so you can focus on the rest of the functional aspects of the system. It includes a set of Presentation, API and Data Access support services, database and integration hooks, communication layers and the ability to configure, monitor, and control the system.

It can be deployed on premise, or in the cloud, using any of the major cloud providers, such as Azure, AWS, Google, IBM, and more.

Rather than spend client’s money and time on these important services we start designing and building business functionality from day one and our clients love that.

Playtime Squad Model

A Playtime Squad, is a cross-functional team of experts aligned to a customer, and the business outcome. This ensures that we focus on the ‘Why’ (strategic objectives)  vs. the ‘What’ (technology features and functionality), of each solution that we deliver.

Members of the Squad offer a unique perspective, to ensure we take into consideration both technical and non-technical perspectives.

Why is this effective?

  • Efficient communication and collaboration
  • Ensures a holistic approach to every project
  • Fosters a positive culture of teamwork and understanding
  • Breaks down barriers and removes unnecessary distractions
  • Everyone collaborating to achieve a common goal
  • Shared accountability – to themselves and to each other
  • Promotes driving for the best outcome.
Customer Commitment Model

Baked into our DNA is a commitment to our customers. It’s important to establish and to maintain long lasting relationships, and to be a true extension of the team. That’s why we have the Playtime Customer Commitment Model.  Coupled with our squad model, this people centric framework looks beyond the technical detail of the solution build and adds context, insight and engagement.

Understand our customers, the requirements, challenges, industry, processes and unique attributes. Identify gaps and build relationships.

We promise to deliver on our promises, and make it happen. We will develop, design, build and deliver the solution – rain, hail or shine.

Once the solution has been delivered, we celebrate each success and always strive to ensure that your teams are well equipped to take the steering wheel and build on the momentum they’ve been a part of.

People Centric

Fundamental to the success of Playtime is how we are People Centric. Being People Centric, injects genuine commitment into every engagement. We have a commitment and vested interest in every client we work with, solution that we deliver, person we hire, partner we work with.

We make a conscious effort to understand the drivers and motivators behind every person and organisation that we build relationships with optimising the outcome for all. We make a promise, commit to making it happen, and are engaged for the long run.

About Playtime Solutions

Playtime Solutions was founded in 2015 by Frank Gigliuto and Peter St Clair. Having worked on several projects together, the pair found their passion in working with, developing and growing smart people.

They formed Playtime Solutions to incubate the best and brightest talent in Australia. As a result, they deliver the best technology solutions to organisations around Australia.

Through the right culture and the delivery of world-class Cloud Native solutions, Playtime Solutions enables people and organisations to uncover their true potential and to unlock their competitive edge.


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Work at Playtime

Cogs and numbers don’t work at Playtime. If you want to love what you do and make a difference through your work, Playtime is the place.

Playtime Solutions was founded on the commitment that it would be a talent incubator for each and every team member. You will grow, develop and amaze yourself on a daily basis. We will encourage you and challenge you, keep you engaged and passionate about what you do to achieve outcomes you can be proud of.

This is a no BS workplace. We have a great culture and our values ground us.

We promise that you will grow as an individual at Playtime Solutions.

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